Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Have a Family Tree

With branches by the dozen...

Last week was our bi-annual Wight Family Reunion. Though attendance was down this year and there was a lot less planned, we still managed to have a lot of fun. The reunion started Wednesday and went until Saturday.

Of course my children found the only mud puddle for miles around. Playing with the Welling grandkids.

Xadun swinging with Drace, Michaela, and Parker.

Chaetun had to be in the middle of whatever excitement was going on. This was the volleyball game where he was close to getting hit because he was busy talking to the bystanders. lol

Chaetun, Xadun, and Drace doing pasta crafts.

Grandma helping Chaetun make his animal necklace.

Thursday is always the free day to do whatever we want. We generally go with all the Wellings up to Bear Lake to play. This year Kara, Gavin's wife, and her brothers brought up their boat. The little kids got the first rides. Chaetun has ridden on the tube before (as was seen in Montana) but never by himself. I let him do it as long as I was in the boat. He did great!!

Michaela, Chaetun, and Newell

Hold on tight!!

This is just after everyone else fell off. Brady was driving the boat and cut the engine to knock one of the other boys off. He forgot that by cutting the engine, the front of the tubes go under water knocking the kids off. But not Chaetun. He was holding on so tight that his head went under with the tube until it popped back up. He was a little shaken by it and wanted to get off for a little bit.

It wasn't long until he was ready to get back on. :)

Playing at the beach

Grandpa listening to his music

Making rockets with Ethan Russell

Shooting the rockets

One of the family traditions that had gone away for awhile was revived this year thanks to Ryan Welling. Ryan did a great job with the Family Follies, we had a lot of fun. I only have pictures of a couple of the 6 events, but it was a lot of fun.

I don't know the name of the first event, but we had five people blindfolded who pulled one person who had to direct us down and around a garbage can.

I couldn't keep up

Chris' team had a collision with the yellow team. It was pretty funny!!

My gangster Chaetun and Lucas

The water sponge game

The last event was eating cheese puffs. Luckily I got to sit out of this one.

Gavin was the first to finish his 35 cheese puffs.

The pink team won and received their golden wood medals. My red team came in second and Chris' green team came in last. lol

Jaxon fell asleep in the cubbies along the wall. Ryan and Tiffanie looked him for quite awhile before finding him here. haha

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Napleon Dynamite

My kids were re-creating a scene from Napoleon Dynamite this morning and I just had to capture it. Chaetun is jut like his dad when it come to movies. He can recite almost the whole thing. But when I heard Xadun saying the words too, I just had to show everyone else.

Monday, July 16, 2007


It's a week late, but I didn't have time to do this blog before I left for our family reunion.

The first week of the month we took a trip up to Montana to visit Chris' aunt & uncle, Pat & Roger. Chris used to go up there every summer and stay with them and loved it. He wanted to be able to take the boys up there. Pat & Roger had never actually met any of the boys, so it was good for everyone. Chris' parents drove up with him and the 2 older boys and Brekan and I flew.

The first couple of days were just relaxing days for everyone. They didn't do much except stick around the house. They did find a few fun things, though...

Petting the horse

Chaetun riding JJ

Xadun riding JJ

Helping Aunt Pat feed the fish in the pond

Playing in the pool with their new floating swimsuits

Monday after I arrived and we had a nap, we headed up to Pat & Roger's lake front property at Lake Thompson. As much as I'm not a fan of camping, it wasn't too bad. They had a couple of trailers that we stayed in, so we were able to shower and have bathrooms. They also had a fairly clean "Johnny on the Spot" that wasn't too bad. Because the property is lake front, they have their very own dock. It was pretty hot, so we would just hop in the lake to cool off. They also had a boat to fish and have fun with.

Hanging out in the tubes

Brekan decided he didn't like his turtle tube because he couldn't reach the water. He wanted to be able to splash, too.

There was a log that stuck out of the water just down the way. Through out the day you would see several turtles come out on the log to sun themselves. Chris snuck over at one point and was able to catch one of the turtles. The one he caught was the one the neighbors had been trying to catch for a week. He had a hook through his mouth and they wanted to get it out. This picture is of them working on it to get the hook out. They were successful.

Playing on the tube behind the boat.

Crawling on the dock.

The whole family on the tube (except for Brekan, of course)

Chaetun with Papa and his fish. Grandpa caught this fish, but the first day they went out on the boat, Chaetun was on the only one to catch anything and he caught 2. Not bad for his first day of fishing. Unfortunately, those pictures are on someone else's camera.

So relaxing it put him to sleep.

In Montana none of the fireworks were illegal, so we got a pretty good show. Roger teamed up with the neighbor next door and we got to watch from the dock. Another neighbor lit some off from his boat in the middle of the lake. It was a pretty good 4th.

Watching the fireworks on the dock

Washing all the bugs off the car after getting home from the lake.

All in all it was a good trip and everyone enjoyed themselves!