Sunday, November 2, 2008

Race for Amber

A couple of weeks ago another Anytime Fitness owner, Trent Lindstrom, told us of an event he was sponsoring up here in Perry (Trent owns the Brigham location). Amber Chase lives in Perry and has been fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer for 18 months. You can check out her story here. The community came together and planned a "Race for Amber" 5k to help raise money for her family. Trent asked if we would donate the Running Man suit (we usually rent it out) and if Chris would wear it for the event. We of course agreed. Chris is a great Running Man. He works the crowd and everyone loves him. We got there just as the race was starting. He mingled through the crowd before the 5k started and then we decided to walk the 1 mile they were also doing. He was then in charge of high-fiving the kids as they were finishing the various races. Even though we didn't do much, it was nice to be able to participate is such a great cause!
"On your mark, get set, go!"
Running with the crowd
The kids loved him!
Giving one of the prizes for the most pink.
Captain Running Man, Amber Chase, & Trent Lindstrom


On Halloween we finally went to the Pumpkin Patch. I was just going to let it go, but the day before, Chaetun started to talk about it, so since Chris and my mom were supposed to have the day off, I figured we could go. We went to Black Island Farms in Syracuse and they have so much there! The boys had so much fun on the slides and playing on all that they have there. After they played for awhile we took our hayride to get our pumpkins. Our driver on the way to get pumpkins told us that the farm is small, as farms go, and so in order to make what they need, they've gone into the agritainment business. We thought that was funny and he said he was hoping they would put it in the dictionary next year (I will note, though, that when I type it, it doesn't come back as a misspelled word - maybe it is real). Being Halloween, the pumpkins were pretty picked through, but we were able to still find some good ones.

I didn't have my camera that night when we went trunk-or-treating so I'll update when I get those pictures off my mom's camera.)


About a month ago (yeah, I know I'm a little behind) we went to Wisconsin for the annual Anytime Fitness Conference. It was a good trip and we had a good time. Kevin and Emily Ford are our new partners in this adventure and were also there. It was fun to spend more time with them. We started out with a horrible hotel experience (think Twilight Zone/Bates Motel) we complained and were able to get in brand new building (though our condo hadn't been cleaned for over a month) and pay the same, actually less, than if we had stayed in the scary room.
Kilun, keeping with tradition, had his first plane ride early.
Kevin looking drunk drinking a "beer". It was actually root beer that Anytime had labeled as their own. We all looked like we were drinking all weekend long. Most people actually were.
Chris "drinking"
Trying out the new recumbent Expresso bike
Chris working out the abs
The four of us in the beautiful fall scenery.