Monday, May 5, 2008

Potty Update

I know no one cares as much as a parent about potty training, but I'm going to give you all an update anyway (and the fact that all this can be printed for later recall is a good reason, too). I would like to report that Xadun's potty training has been a success. I haven't had to clean poopy underwear in a while. I guess when we let it be his decision, he made the right one. He still wears pull-ups when he sleeps, but I don't think he'll have to for very long. He generally wakes up dry, even though he drinks water all night long. The other night he came in and told me he needed to change his pull up because he peed in it. I think that's a good sign - at least he knows when he's gone in the middle of the night and hopefully soon he'll wake up before it gets to that point. It was a longer process than Chaetun's, but it still wasn't too bad.