Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You What?????

I plan to go back and hopefully cover the last couple of months few activities, but I had to get this one out now. I hadn't even thought of the blog until he brought it up, so I figured while the kids continue to sit in time out, I would hurry and tell you about the life of having boys.

I was laying in bed, still mostly asleep when I heard Xadun, in a fairly close area of the house talking to Chaetun, telling him, "Just a minute, I have to pull up my pants." I was confused by this statement as it sounded like he was in the kitchen. I got up and went to ask why his pants were down. Xadun in all his innocence said, "Cuz we peed in a cup." I immediately turned to Chaetun to verify this story. When he's in trouble he lies, but all you have to do is question a couple of times and he tells the truth. Xadun will lie to the end even when it's an obvious one (ie, when I tell him to go upstairs to play and he'll continually tell me he is when he is very clearly in my room). Anyway, Chaetun verified the story. Yes, they peed in a cup. Like, the glass ones everyone drinks out of, and in the middle of the kitchen. So, they are currently sitting in corners for a 30 minute time out, will not watch the tv today and no bikes, 'cuz that's the real love right now.

I called Chris to tell him what his children had done and he just laughed. Laughed. I did not find this situation funny at all. I suppose being the boy he is, he just remembered back to his childhood and that at some point he had probably done it to. I pointed out that yes, maybe you peed in a cup outside, but not in your kitchen in a glass cup everyone uses, 10 yards from the bathroom in a house with 6 bathrooms, just because you needed to go potty (sorry for the run on sentence). I might be able to understand a little more if it was an outside thing. I should have reminded him of the time just a few weeks ago he caught Chaetun pooping outside (saying he wanted to kill the weeds) and was quite upset about it. I guess it's the one who's home to find the act is the one that gets the most upset while the one on the phone just laughs about it.

I often get confused at why Heavenly Father would send me 4 boys that I have no idea what to do with. This would never in a million years have crossed my mind. Chris just warned me that they will try to pee where ever they can, just to see that they can. Great! I look forward to the time they try to pee off the deck and it just drips down only to find the head of someone sitting on the patio down below :S This is so out of my realm of knowledge!!!