Friday, April 24, 2009

Xadun's Birthday

We let Xadun decide what he wanted to do for his birthday. He decided he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese since there's now one near by (if you call Layton nearby to Willard). The boys loved it and didn't want to leave. Xadun had a great birthday. He was even so excited that he got the same gifts as his brother (just in different colors). I'm taking advantage of that now because I know as they get older they won't want anything like the other.

Chaetun's Birthday

Chaetun turned 6 this year. He's getting so big! This is the first year we've had a friend party for him. He decided that he wanted to go bowling again for his birthday, so that's what we did. I think everyone had a lot of fun. A couple of the moms told me how excited the boys were when they got home because they got to go "real bowling". I decided to make the cake myself. I realize that the transformer isn't usually sky blue, but I kept trying to make the frosting darker, but it was late, and honestly, I didn't want to try anymore. Regardless, I was pretty proud of the cake considering I'm no Martha in the kitchen.