Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday my mom and I decided to go and vote early. I told the kids to get their shoes and socks on and they, of course, wanted to know where we were going. This is the conversation:

Chaetun & Xadun: Where are we going?
Me: We're going voting.
Xadun: (excitedly) We're going bowling?!?!
Me: No, we're going to vote.
Chaetun: Ooohhh, we're going on a boat.
Me: No. V-Vote. I'm going to vote.
Chaetun: What's vote?
Me: It's like when I ask you what you want to eat, mac & cheese or sandwiches. Which ever more people want wins.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Photo Shoot

Here are the results of our recent family photo shoot. I think they turned out pretty cute considering I have four little boys who were very distractable. Katie found this cool place in Salt Lake, The Exchange Place. We weren't able to get any good pics that showed the coolness, but I hope to get down there again sometime when we have more time and light.

Chaetun, very GQ



Kilun in his blessing outfit

The Lights of my Life

Grandma and the boys

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On a much more humorous note....

Yesterday, when Chaetun got home from school, he immediately headed from his room and told me I couldn't come in. Well, obviously I knew something was up. I asked him why. He lifted up his shirt and this is what I saw. Right away all I wanted to do was laugh and take a picture. I turned around to go to my room to get my phone to take a picture. Chaetun, started screaming in hysterics telling me not to tell. This just made it more funny. He said, "Are you going to make me call Grandma?" Apparently my MIL left this pair of women's underwear on her last visit here and Chaetun found them. Unbeknownst to me, he put these on BEFORE he went to school and had them on all day (it's only 3 hours, but that looks like a really uncomfortable 3 hours). I had no idea because he put his sweat shirt on overtop and I couldn't see anything. I asked if he showed anyone at school and he said no. I didn't receive a phone call from the school, so I'm pretty sure no adults saw. The funniest part was how mortified he was. Everytime I reached for my phone he thought I was going to tell. He DID NOT want me to tell. I so wanted to call Chris, but I figured I'd wait until we were in the car and he was hopefully distracted by the movie. I called Chris, and Chaetun heard me talking to him and the hysterics started all over again. He screamed and sobbed. I never got mad at him. I thought it was hilarious. I think his own personal embarassment was enough punishment. I had sent the picture to Chris and he couldn't figure out what it was. When I told him he laughed so hard. Later Chris showed my mom the pictures and Chaetun again broke down. So, no one tell him you saw it here, but I couldn't resist :)

Kilun's Blessing

I want to get this on here before I forget about this wonderful day. It WAS a great day for Kilun's blessing! We a had a lot of support from our wonderful friends and family, as we always do. Unfortunately, I didn't get the camera out, so I don't have any pictures of everyone here :( So, for my own record...

Kilun was blessed by his dad, and with him in the circle was Great Grandpa, Uncle Boyd, Uncle Mark, Uncle Floyd, Uncle John, Austin, Kevin Ford, Kevin Varble, Trevor Zezula, Mike Crouch, and Bishop Nelson. Also in attendance at the meeting were Ryan & Shawnee Hoffmann, Jake and Suzi Baxter, and Melanie Slater and her girls (Nate was working). Chris did a great job in the blessing, as he always does.

As we were sitting in Fast & Testimony Meeting, we, in the back row, had a very spiritual experience. I wouldn't normally post it here, but I want to remember it, and right now, this is the place I put those things. As I sat there with Kilun, he was so smiley; more smiley than is had ever been. He just kept looking up and smiling, not at me, but something, or someone else. At the time, I felt strongly that his Grandpa Gene was there and that's who he was smiling at. As I later thought about this, it occured to me that this shouldn't be so surprising to me. He knows his Grandpa very well. I'm sure that's who he was with before he came to this earth. The veil is still very thin for Brekan and I am convinced that he sees his Grandpa all the time. It is a comfort to Kilun to see his Grandpa who he just recently left. That, by itself, was a great thing for me to realize during that meeting. But, a few minutes later, I looked down the row and saw that my mom was crying. I didn't know why. Chris then told me that my uncle, who was also sitting on our row, had looked over and saw my dad next to me. He was there. I already knew he was there, but to have someone else know he was there was a great thing for me. I have also wondered if my dad is around me, if he watches me, and mostly I just don't know. But that day, I knew he was with my son, and he was with me too.