Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Hero Grandpa

Last weekend we had an incredible opportunity to see my Grandpa off and home for "Operation Hero Flight". This was a trip that was planned for veterans of WWII. Grandpa had called and put his name in to go, but hadn't heard anything for quite awhile, so he didn't think he was going to get to go. The trip was on Friday and on Tuesday he got a call. Someone had dropped out at the last minute, and the gal in charge of this part remembered him and thought that he should be the one to fill the last seat on the plane. As a family, we were all excited for him to go, but also a little scared. Afterall, he IS 93. Traveling by himself at his age just sounded a little scary. We later found, though, that there would be plenty of emergency personnel, and my cousin Clint, who lives in Baltimore, would be able to meet Grandpa for the weekend and help him around. We all felt better after that.

It was such an awesome experience to be at the ceremony when they left. We were also able to be there when they came home, and that, again, was an emotional experience. We really are proud of Grandpa and feel he is our "Hero".


Morgan said...

That is so neat for all of you, especially your grandpa.

Min said...


So glad you found us! I haven't talked to you FOREVER!!! Your boys are adorable.

You're bookmarked now.

The Valentine Family said...

This is awesome...I get chills every time I think about it. Grandpa is definitely one of my heroes! What an experience! Thanks for posting all the pictures.

Rachel Anne said...

Hey Melissa. Well I took your suggestion and starteda blog--can you believe it. Anyway we are at I'm just getting started so it's not all that impressive yet. It was good to see you at the reunion. Your house looks great by the way.

Call Couple said...

When I heard about what gramps was doing, I got tears in my eyes! How awesome it must have been. So glad you posted pictures of the event!