Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just an Update

Our life in the last couple of months has gone from relatively quiet to busy, crazy, non-stop. Thus, my lack of updates. I only get a chance to read everyone else's goings on, but no time to post about our own. So, I'm caught up on most of you, now I'll try to get you caught up on us.

We finally closed and moved into our house over Thanksgiving weekend, despite it not being completely done. They have come back to complete most of it, but there are still a couple of large things still incomplete. We don't yet have our kitchen countertops. We have some temporary ones that we needed in order to close, but are waiting on the real ones. They are custom made stainless steel, so we have been at the manufacturer's mercy. When I talked to him this week he promised me they'd be here by Christmas. I sincerely hope that is the case. The other big thing is our fireplace. The fireplace itself is in, but the gas line and glass that goes inside are not. We hope that, too, will be in this week. Downstairs in my mom's place, she is waiting for one more cabinet and then the countertops and she will finally be able to move in. Most of her stuff is already here, she'll just have to move all her clothes from Kathy's.

The real cause of our busy-ness has been the gym. We embarked on this new journey 9 months ago, but only really got going about a month ago. We started the build-out on our building on Nov 12 and started pre-sales Nov 19. Those two things have made it a "real" venture and have definitely taken time. I now go into the gym 4 times a week, which means I've had to find people to watch the kids. I think we've figured out a good schedule now, so that will help things be less hectic. This weekend they are finishing the painting and then will do carpet and tile next week. We were supposed to open Dec 26, but we'll have to push that back a couple of days now. As long as we open by the new year, which we should be able to do, we'll be happy.

Outside of that, not much is happening. When the house is complete and we are rid of all the boxes that still invade our home, I will take and post pictures. I will do the same with the gym when it's done.

We hope you are all well and wish you all Happy Holidays!


No Buckaroos said...

My girls want to come see your house when they are all here for the holidays! We'll call and see when's a good time.

Skinner Family said...

so... did you get your countertops yet? can't wait to see pics of the house!

how was the opening of the gym?