Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pictures of the gym, I know you've been waiting

So, I guess it's about time we showed off the gym, too. We have been open now for about 3 weeks and our membership is steadily growing. But we still have a lot of growth to go. So, if you know anyone in the Bountiful area, send them our way! :)

We were very excited to get the sign. It came later than everything else and just finished it off.

The "Big A$$ Fan" That's the real name. It spans 25 FEET, and moves some air!

The trainer's area

Private bathroom and shower

Tanning room (obviously)

The back wall

Selectorized weights

Heavier weights

Cardio, all with cardio theater

The office is in there


stacey said...

I love the colors in your gym. It totally looks like a place I would want to work out at. I didn't know you had a tanning bed! I love it!

Skinner Family said...

very cool!!!! wow, it's so fun to see your gym. love the colors! so bright and fuN!

congrats on getting it up and running! good luck with the grand opening!

Heather said...

the gym looks great!! I LOVE the colors!

No Buckaroos said...

Looks awesome! Wish you owned the one in Brigham! I need to do something besides walk around the school.

the kesler klan said...

What a fun gym! It looks really good!