Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Day of School

This year both Chaetun and Xadun started new schools.

Chaetun started kindergarten, which he was so excited for. Everything had been based around the baby, so the kids knew
that after the baby was born, they would go to school. Chaetun has loved school from day one.

I was going to get him on the bus the first day (he loves the bus), but after waiting for it to come for 10 minutes, I got worried and wondered if we had missed it. I didn't want him to be late for the first day of school, so we came home and I drove him to school. I was going to meet him at the school anyway, so it worked out ok. (Turns out the bus was just REALLY late and was just picking the kids up at the time I was getting home
from taking Chaetun to school.) He goes to Willard Elementary. The school is a little different as it is only Kindergarten and 1st grade. I like that. No big kids to worry about. The next school is 2nd-5th grade. It's odd, but for kindergarten, I kind of like it. Chaetun's teacher this year is Mrs. Kimber. I've heard she's one of the best in the school. So far I have no complaints. She has a good discipline and reward system that I would even like to adopt for home. The kids learned her rules daily and now Chaetun can recite them word for word. That doesn't mean he follows them, though :S Chaetun is a great kid, just a little social. So there's been a few times that he's had to "pull a yellow card" because he was talking or didn't listen the first time he was asked. He is getting better, though. Luckily, he's very honest boy, so when that happens, it's always the first thing he tells me.

We're working on reading, and though he usually doesn't like it, he's getting better and it isn't such a fight. I've learned how to make it less stressful for him, so I hope that he will soon enjoy reading. He loves when the bookmobile comes to school and he can get a new book, and they go to the library every Friday. So, he loves the books, just not reading them. Hopefully we'll change that soon.

Xadun also started school this year - preschool.
I was a little worried that I wasn't going to be able to find one, but I HAD to because he knew he would start school after the baby came. I had tried to get him into a bigger preschool, but they were all full. I put my name on a waiting list, but didn't hear anything and school was getting ready to start. My mom went visiting teaching and found out a lady in our ward does a preschool. We talked to her on Sunday and she had an opening so I was able to get him in. I was a little weary of a home preschool, not sure it would really teach him like Chaetun's taught, but I have been very impressed. She has finished her basement with the preschool in mind, so they even have their own little classroom. She is so organized, so I know what's going on everyday he's there. They even go on field trips. The first one is tomorrow and Xadun is so excited. Chaetun's a little upset :) Xadun LOVES school and looks forward to every Tuesday & Thursday!


the kesler klan said...

So Mrs. Kimber was my best friend in jr. high/high school! She would be such a fun and energetic teacher! I'm sure Chaetun will enjoy her!

Janna said...

They look so adorable. It looks/sounds like they are gonna have a great year with great teachers!

So, are you enjoying a little break from them each day???

sarahbclark! said...

is that chaetun's teacher in the picture? she's super cute.
your boys are growing up so fast! they look so big!
ashton is very social too and has had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the rules of the classroom. :)