Monday, October 20, 2008

Photo Shoot

Here are the results of our recent family photo shoot. I think they turned out pretty cute considering I have four little boys who were very distractable. Katie found this cool place in Salt Lake, The Exchange Place. We weren't able to get any good pics that showed the coolness, but I hope to get down there again sometime when we have more time and light.

Chaetun, very GQ



Kilun in his blessing outfit

The Lights of my Life

Grandma and the boys


Janna said...

Such a cute family. Boys, boys, boys! I love it!

Heather said...

Your boys are so handsome! I really like these pictures! You all look great!

~AnnaMarie~ said...

They look great. And I can tell you, it is so hard to get a bunch of little boys to cooperate. She did a good job from the looks of it. Your boys are darling! I love the pics!

Morgan said...

That picture of Kilun staring at you is so precious! For a minute, looking at your little guys, got me baby hungry.

As long as it took for me to type that though, it passed! ;)

stacey said...

lol @Morgan

I LOVE the 2nd picture down. SO cute! These are great!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh your kids are so cute!!! I can't believe you have 4! They are totally adorable! It was so fun looking through your blog and getting caught up a bit on your life! And it was fun to see pics of your mom! I showed my parents how good you guys are doing! They say hello! And yes, my dad does cross-stitch! But he wants me to add that he does it while he watches football (I guess that sounds more manly!!)