Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Christmas Party

We had the Family Christmas Party at our church this year. We were very glad it was at ours because there ended up being a huge storm that day, causing a big accident on the freeway. The freeway was shut down causing all those people to be on Hwy 89. It took people 2 hours to get from Willard to Brigham, normally a 15 minute drive. We were happy to just drive across the street!Grandma & Grandpa eating soup with the Wellings and some Nicholas'

The kids got to play take their turn at the pinata

We played the reindeer balloon game. It was pretty funny.
The results
Brekan Reindeer
Chaetun got these head and wrist bands in his White Elephant present. Luckily there were three set so all the boys got them. They loved them as well as the Christmas picture frame with a picture of Grace and Jim in it. They even put the frame up (with the picture of Grace and Jim) in their room on their desk. Nothing is a white elephant to them! They love junk!

Here's their picture frame with Grace & Jim's picture proudly displayed on their desk.

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