Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kilun Growing Up

I know I've had other recent posts about Kilun, but he's just changing so much and it's such a fun age. On Valentine's Day my mom got all the boys a bouquet of balloons. Grandma was holding him and brought the balloons down for him. Kilun was loving them. All my boys LOVE balloons. It looks like it continues it down.

Playing in his toy box

Since becoming more interactive Kilun has really started to play more with his brothers. Obviously he can't run with them or anything, but he loves for them to come to him. He really loves Chaetun, though. Every time he sees Chaetun enter the room he makes happy noises. The funniest though is the laughing. No one can get Kilun to laugh like Chaetun. The love between the two is evident and so fun to watch. Here's a little video of it in action. I LOVE baby's first laughs.

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Erin said...

cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!