Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have a roof!

I didn't realize, again, that he had been so long since I posted pictures of the house. Maybe that's because they've been working on the same thing that whole time. It has taken 3-4 weeks just to get the roof on. They are telling us that things are still on schedule to be done with the framing this week.

This is after most of the trusses were up. You can't see above the garage, but those are really the only ones missing except for that peak in the middle.

After putting most of the plywood on the trusses. It's still not complete, but I'm told they should be completing that Thursday or Friday.

This is Chris up in the bonus room. This is the only place that hasn't been completed in terms of the trusses, but again should be finished this weekend.

We're looking forward to them being done with the framing so that they get get the windows and doors in and I don't have to be so worried about the kids getting close to the edges each time we're there.

Another exciting thing is that we have found someone to design our cabinets. The place our builder sent us to didn't really have much of a concept of contemporary cabinets which is what we want. We have looked at IKEA cabinets a lot and really like them. My mom found an add in the classifieds for someone who designs IKEA cabinets. When she called her she found that she is from New York and is just trying to get started here. When we met her we found how accomplished she really is. Her work has been extensive and looks great!! She's usually very expensive, but since we're her first job in Utah, she's giving us a break. The awesome part is that she lives just around the corner from the house. She lives in the only house on the other side of the freeway, for those of you who know the area. How awesome is that? She's looking forward to us moving in so she can go walking with my mom. We're excited she already has a friend :)


No Buckaroos said...

It's coming along nicely! We see if from the Freeway when we drive by.

Call Couple said...

Your house is coming along nicely and looks huge! I hope it gets done quick and way to go on finding the person for the cabinets! I love it when things like that work out that way.

The Valentine Family said...

I have to agree with looks huge! Can't wait to see it in person again. Your boys are so cute and Lucas absolutely loves them!

Morgan said...

Melissa! That looks GREAT!! I am so excited for you guys!