Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Miscellaneous Happenings

Instead of posting 3 or 4 different blogs since I'm so behind, I figured I'd just condence them into one and just give the highlights. :)

This is proof of Brekan becoming mobile. He was out in the other room, supposedly eating. He kept crying and I thought he just lost his bottle. I finally went out to give him the bottle and this is where I found him. haha No wonder he wouldn't stop crying. Brekan has been doing the army crawl for the last few weeks, now. Just this last week he has finally gotten up on the hands and knees and figured out how to coordinate his hands and legs.

I love this picture of my boys with Grandpa. As the days go on, I become increasingly aware of the limited time we have with Grandma & Grandpa. I try to capture these moments we spend with them each time I can. My boys LOVE to visit Grandma & Grandpa and ask to every time we visit the house. On this particular day, Chaetun wanted Grandpa to push him in the wheelchair and play with them. Grandpa put on his shoes and they went outside to play. He tried to get Chaetun to climb the tree, but Chaetun wasn't quite up to that.

Monday was the boys' first visit to the dentist. I had told Chaetun about it a couple of weeks ago, so he had been looking forward to it. He loves to go to the doctor and the dentist was no different. Unfortunately, Chaetun has four small cavities in his back molars that need to be filled and sealed. The good thing is, though, that Chaetun said he liked the dentist and we should go back more often. :)

Xadun, on the other had, wasn't so excited to be there. After seeing Chaetun get X-rays, Xadun wanted his turn, until he actually got in the chair. Then when it was his turn to get his teeth clean, he again wasn't too thrilled. Hopefully consistent visits will improve that.

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