Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Christmas...Really Late

I know, I know, I'm really late in getting these up, but I didn't want to forget about Christmas, so here's some pictures.

Chaetun had a speaking part in his Christmas program this year. He did really well. Also attached to this video is a cute little dance routine that some kids did. Chaetun wasn't in it, but I thought it was really cute, so I included it.

We had a full house at Christmas this year. Not only did we have us and my mom, we also had Chris' parents as well as my grandparents. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed having all their grandmas and grandpas there.

Chaetun's favorite gift was this Transformer's helmet that changes his voice. He took it to school for show and tell and it continues to get played with daily, unlike most of the toys.

Xadun really likes his Thomas the Train laptop. It's a little complicated for his age, but he'll learn. He also like the game he and Chaetun got. Oh, and we can't forget the slippers.

Brekan wasn't too interested in unwrapping presents. He only opened a couple and his brothers kindly opened the rest for him. He was often more interested in his brother's presents

But more important was breakfast


Heather said...

Your kids are so cute! Im glad you finally posted some pictures! And it looks like you guys had fun Ice Skating!!

No Buckaroos said...

Yum - Bubble Bread - (I actually made it again last Sunday cause it sounded good)!

Morgan said...

That video is too cute!! The parents "ooohing" and "awwing" was fun also! I would have been doing the same thing...dancing kids are always adorable.

Skinner Family said...

chaetun did so good with his speaking part in the program. that's a lot for a little one to remember! cute.

the little dance was cute! awww.

oh, my gosh. zack would love a helmet that changes his voice! hahaha... that is so funny!

look, there's melissa in her pjs! awww.

p.s. that's the closest thing i've seen to pictures of the new house. COME ON! post some pictures.

Skinner Family said...

p.s.s. we have plucking bread (or monkey bread) every year for christmas breakfast. that's been a tradition at our house for probably 20 years or more!

sarahbclark! said...

i want that bread recipe!!!

and also, are those the floors of the new house? is it just a teaser? can i see more??