Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Fun

Last week Chris had promised the kids they would got sledding. He wasn't able to get home in time with the short days, so I suggested that we try ice skating instead. This is a MUCH more difficult winter activity - for all involved. When we had our skates on and were on our way out on the ice they had everyone get off and brought the Zamboni out to smooth things out. That definitely made it interesting for our very beginner family. I was the only one who had ever been ice skating before. I started out with Xadun and Chris started out with Chaetun. That was hard!!

Xadun couldn't keep his feet under him, so I ended up holding him up most of the time and he's a heavy kid. We only made it about half way around the rink when I decided I had the wrong child.

Chaetun was having an easier time keeping his feet under him and could push himself along a little bit.

So, I switched. Chris took Xadun and I took Chaetun. Much easier this way.

We only made it around the rink once or twice with the kids and they were done. Mine and Chris' ankles were also feeling done. So, we left the kids out with Grandma and Chris and I went out and went around a few times with just the two of us (and a hundred other people). I thought it was pretty fun, but something everyone would need a little more training for.


Aaron.Shara.Abby said...

Oh, my I laughed so hard at this post! I hate ice skating. I always think that I'll like it and then I go and I can't hardly even move on the ice and then my feet start hurting, then it's cold and I want to just go and drink some hot chocolate and watch everyone else!! Fun times!

No Buckaroos said...

We just took the YM/YW ice skating tonight in Bothwell at Eggli's. It was freezing at 3 degrees. The leaders stayed in the bus (where you put your skates on) and served hot chocolate and donuts. The kids had fun - I HATE to be cold so I don't enjoy it at all.

The Wellings said...

That's the thing about ice skating is the taking the kids, its gotta be pretty tough teaching youngsters. The first time I iceskated was at My Parents house(homemade ice rink) and it was tough but once you get it down it's the coolest. Maybe next year Gavin can make a rink weather permitting I'm sure.

IF Welings

Skinner Family said...

lol! i loved watching the video. so cute. i was cracking up when you said that you decided you had the wrong child!!! (i cannot ice skate at all.) go Melissa!

awww, i can hear Brekan on the video.

Skinner Family said...

since i loved reading your blog so much the last time i tagged you... i'm tagging you AGAIN. ha. see my blog.