Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UPDATE - Potty Training

Xadun had a really good day today. The potty training has been off and on since my last post due to me going to work, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, and I wasn't about to worry about it during church. So, today was the first all day since last Thursday. As I said, Xadun had a really good day and at one point, he even noticed that he needed to go and said he'd better go potty so he doesn't go in his underwear. I was very happy to hear that. As the day went on, I was thinking about being able to blog about such a great feat, but of course, it was too early. Close to bed time my mom brought Xadun up and I knew there must have been an accident, but it wasn't just pee, he pooped in his underwear. I didn't get upset and just talked to him about going in the toilet. He was really sad and kept telling me he was sorry he went poop in his underwear. He really was. And as we talked, he kept saying that next time he'll go in the toilet. I'm hoping that his slightly abnormal digestive system won't cause too many of these no time to run to the toilet type accidents. My mom said they were just playing downstairs when all of the sudden he stopped, and it had happened. I'm still calling it a good day, though. We're definitely making progress!


Skinner Family said...

awww! Mason used pooped in his undies every day for over a month. It sucked! Sounds like Xadun is quickly getting the hang of it though. YAY!

Aaron.Shara.Abby said...

Good luck with the potty training. Maybe after he learns, he can teach Lucas a thing or two!!

Mandy said...

I was so happy to see you on my posting! It has been forever since I got to see your cute little face! And now you are all surrounded by boy! Such a cute family you have. You look absolutly adorable and some day you will have to let me know how you can have four boys! I am glad that I will get to track you now!