Monday, April 2, 2007

Grandma & Grandpa

Friday we went up to see the progress on the house. On the way up we saw traffic and decided we should wait to go home in order to avoid it. So, we decided to go up to see my grandma & grandpa since we were planning on it anyway this weekend. I love my grandparents. Grandpa is 93 and Grandma is 88. They are definitely getting up there, but they're still doing great. Each one has some challenges, but overall they're good considering their age. When I walked in the house I had to get up in my grandpa's face because he can't see. lol He's funny. When I sat down to talk to Grandma, I noticed she had a black eye. I had also noticed when I walked in that she had a very purple toe. Apparently she tripped on the stool and fell, probably on the kitchen chair. We joked that Grandpa was keeping her in line. :) That's only funny because that would sooo never happen. Here's a picture of her holding Brekan. You can kind of see the eye behind the glasses.

I always make sure to have my camera when we visit Grandma & Grandpa because I want to make sure my kids have pictures with them to remember them later. Not everyone has the opportunity to know their great-grandparents, I didn't. So, I want my kids to remember the wonderful blessing they've had. Here's a couple more pics:

Wearing Grandpa's hats

But the funniest part was Grandpa pushing the boys around in Grandma's wheelchair. Just to see a 93 year old man doing this was pretty funny, but my Grandpa is pretty funny anyway.

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I can't imagine life without my grandparents. They have been such a huge part of my life. I remember growing up, after my dad died, we used to go up to their house, or one of my aunt and uncle's, every weekend. My extended family is so important to me! I have been blessed with an incredible family and it all started with Grandma & Grandpa.


The Valentine Family said...

It makes me laugh to watch that video of typical! He's such a crack up...we are very blessed to have them in our lives for so long!

tawnya & landon said...

That is a funny video! Grandpa is so funny!