Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Saturday was a day spent out in the sun. We worked out in my mom's yard giving it a little "curb appeal". Hopefully it worked :) The boys love to be outside and wanted to help, too. Here's a few pictures of the fun.

Chaetun helping dig up some of the grass.

Chaetun helping transfer the dirt to the new flower beds

Xadun using his bucket, too

Measuring the bike

Brekan playing in the grass

I just realized I don't have any "after" pictures of the work that was done, but it looks much better!!


The Valentine Family said...

I loved reading all your new posts...your kids are so cute! Hope all the work in the yard pays off!!

No Buckaroos said...

Cute pictures! We'll have to come see all your hard work!