Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 3

We had a great surprise when we arrived at the hospital today. Kilun was off the respirator. Yay!! He now has a high flow cannula, I think. His numbers all look a lot better today than they did yesterday and he is holding his own. They just checked his blood gases and I think by the nurses talking, they didn't come back so well. He was working a little harder to breathe and was holding his breath a little. While they were all deciding what to do I tried to hold his little arms from flailing everywhere and tucked him back into to the little kangaroo thing they have in his bed. It seemed to help him calm down a little. We think, perhaps, his chest tube is bothering him and he could just use a little more pain meds. that's what the nurse is going to try first and hopefully that will make the difference.

I was reminded today how blessed we are that even thought Kilun is in the NICU, he in America and he's getting great care. My aunt and uncle, Anne & Roy, are on a humanitarian mission in Kazakhstan. The last couple of weeks they have been doing Newborn Resuscitation Training for several doctors and nurses over there. You can read their blog here. It's amazing for me to think about all the doctors and nurses in other countries who don't know how to do those things that we think are the simplest things, like intubating a baby. (obviously not us non-doctors, but you know what I mean) Kilun may not have lived had he been born in one of these countries because they don't have all the knowledge and technology that we do here. I am very grateful for that blessing today. At least we have a NICU to be treated in and I know we will go home in a few days.

I want to thank you for all the prayers and the fasting that has been offered in our behalf. I know there has been a lot. Heavenly Father is blessing Kilun to be strong and overcome his challenges and our family is being blessed as well.


renae said...

big hugs to you. i really hope things continue to improve-- and quickly. you are still in my prayers... can't wait to see more pics of this boy when he's not all covered with a mask and tubing!


Torrie Nicholas said...

What a great update!! And so true about the care we get here in the good ole' USA! Babies are such a great gift given to us. It's wonderful to hear he is doing well.