Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Never too young to dance!!

Friday night was my cousin's wedding. They didn't have a "normal" line reception, instead it was more of an open house/dance type reception. The place they had it had a little stage in the front . My aunt Bonnie had my cousin, Melanie's, kids. Hailey is the same age as Chaetun and Cassidy is the same age as Xadun, so they played well together. Cassidy and Hailey started dancing, so I tried to pair the boys with the girls and taught them to dance - hand on waist and the other hand up, the proper way. :) Xadun and Cassidy did it for a little while, but they're 2 and just wanted to jump and run. Once Hailey had a boy for a partner, though, she was all over him to dance. It was sooo funny. Chaetun, being a true boy, kept rolling his eyes, looking up at the ceiling and saying, "MOOOOOMMMMM!" Then he kept telling me, "Mom, I'm a COWBOY!" Never the less, Hailey did get him to dance a few times.

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