Monday, May 21, 2007

School Days

Thursday was Chaetun's last day of his first year of preschool. They had a program to end it. It was so cute!! Chaetun actually sang the songs this time (at the Christmas program he didn't). Listening to kids sing is always so funny...especially when they scream/sing the songs.

Each child has a part in the program. Chaetun's song was "Long, Tall Texan" (I thought it was Long Horned Cowboy, but I was wrong :s). He had been singing the song for a few days, so I figured that must have been his song. It was a great song for Chaetun. His uncles Boyd and Mark would be proud :)

After the program was over, all the kids got completion/graduation certificates. Chaetun's is a completion certificate since he gets to go back next year.

Chaetun & Mrs. Perry, his teacher

Chaetun learned so much at school this year. He learned all of his letters, he recognizes them all. Next year he'll learn more about their sounds and reading them. He learned how to count to 10 in spanish as well as some of his colors in spanish. The learned about Paul Revere, baby chicks, and all sorts of other stuff. The biggest thing he learned is probably how to write his name. It's still not perfect, but we'll continue to work on it over the summer. He also got to meet a bunch of new friends. Hopefully, some will be back next year.

I was sad that the school year was over, mostly for Chaetun, but I think he'll do okay. We'll make sure to continue to practice letters, numbers, and writing his name. Hopefully we'll also start working on writing his last name.

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