Thursday, May 3, 2007

Taking the Opportunity

Today at lunch Chaetun was talking about Jesus dying. He's talked about it a little since Easter when we explained why we celebrate Easter. Since he brought it up I decided to take the opportunity to teach a little more. We talked about how Jesus died but that he came back to life again. We somehow got to the fact that his grandpa, my dad died, too. I told Chaetun that he lives in heaven. He didn't know where that was, so I had to explain that's where Heavenly Father and Jesus live and that's where we go when we die. We talked about how even though my dad died when I was Chaetun's age (hard to even think about) we will still get to see him someday. I told him that's why we go to the temple, to be sealed so that we can be a family forever. Since this was really the first opportunity for me to tell Chaetun about my dad, I asked if he wanted to see some pictures of him. Of course he did, so I got my mom's only photo album out. We looked at pictures of me as a baby and little girl, pictures of Grandma and, of course, Grandpa.

Chaetun really liked this one because it was clowns :)

So, after all is said and done, I don't know how much he really understands about it all, but hopefully I'll have enough opportunities that one day it will all sink in.

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Call Couple said...

Those are such special times when those kind of opportunities come up and you are able to teach your children! How neat!