Friday, May 4, 2007


I knew I was behind on updating on the house, but I didn't realize I hadn't posted pictures for over a month. So...I will try to keep them condensed so as not to bore you too much. :)

The basement plumbing

They filled in the dirt around the house and in the garage

Instead of a normal window well, we wanted to do it rock instead

Where the septic tank and drainage field is

The basement framed and the driveways poured

The main room of my mom's house in the basement

The back of the house with the basement framed

Beginning of the upstairs framing (the other 2 boys were asleep in the van)

Where the great room and bedrooms will be

The view


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Teehee... I found your blog! ;) I didn't know you had one too! I hope you don't mind, I got it off the comment you left on Twins' blog. :)

The Valentine Family said...

It was fun to see your house...the framing part seems to go really fast.

Morgan said...

Looky! Looky! Love the pictures! I am totally stoked for you!